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The Kirov region today is the region that strives to go by the road of intensive development in terms of investment attractiveness, strengthening of the industrial sector and social sphere.

Our region has a rich mineral resource base, high industrial and scientific potential and human capacity, a well developed telecommunication system.

The most important for the regional economy primary resources are: forest, the largest in Europe deposits of phosphorites, great reserves of peat, mineral resources for production of construction materials, rich sources of mineral water and therapeutic muds.

One of the main growth points of Kirov region is the timber industry complex. The quality of the resource base of the Vyatka forests allows to aim for establishment and expansion of the manufactures oriented to added-value processing of wood. Government of the region considers attraction of investment for development of the timber industry complex as its first priority and is ready to render assistance in organization of new manufactures and the introduction of improved technologies of added-value processing of wood.

The second promising direction is agriculture. Agricultural enterprises of the Kirov region manufacture environmentally safe products, conforming in many parameters with the international standards. The Government of the region provides a significant state support to the agricultural enterprises trying to concentrate it in the directions determining the future of the countryside – modernization of the agricultural production, technical re-equipment of the branch, development of processing industry.

The third direction is the manufacturing of construction materials. Several large-scale investment projects in the manufacturing of construction materials are being implemented in the Kirov region, including the projects with application of innovative technologies. Such projects receive a comprehensive support of the regional Government.

Extraction of phosphorites and peat cutting are also promising projects in the Kirov region.

A distinguishing feature of the region is high educational and qualification level of labor forces and engineering personnel.

A powerful complex of large research and development and design institutes, research and development enterprises and associations is concentrated in the Kirov region, which establishes conditions for creation of a biotechnological cluster.

Development of small business is viewed as a separate important direction. In the recent years the number of small business enterprises in the Kirov region has grown several times, and today these companies continue their work, open new manufactures, provide new employment opportunities. There is a purpose-oriented program in the region called “Development of entrepreneurship in the Kirov region” within the framework of which the main directions of state support of small business are determined.

The regional Government takes measures to form a favorable investment climate and to raise investment attractiveness of the region. In order to attract investment the Kirov region Government consistently implements the state investment policy the most important element of which is formation of the regulative basis fixing the set of preferences for investors and establishment of favorable conditions for investment activities in the Kirov region.

Kirovites are known as good workers, reliable partners and hospitable hosts. The regional Government is interested in development of mutual cooperation and is ready to render assistance to both Russian and foreign investors interested in establishment of stable contacts and acquisition of good partners.

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